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The World's Bedst Wood
– from forest to facade

At Superwood we treat the wood with respect - all the way from selected Nordic forests until the wood is cleaved, impregnated, profiled and painted. We only use the best cut outs of the tribes - and the profiles are sorted by hand before leaving the factory. Click on the arrow and learn more about how "The World's Best Wood" is produced.

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A tree trunk is not identical from the outside to the core. There are many knots all the way to the marrow, which are soft and dark - and just below the bark of the outer wooden veins. Therefore, you find the best "cutout" of the tree in the middle area. It is only this special cutout that is being used for Superwood.


Superwood only uses high-quality planks from selected Nordic forests and sawmills. On our fully automated shear line, the planks are cleaved and split into boards that thereafter move on to our impregnation plant.


The unique technology brings wood protection completely into the core of the wood as microscopic particles that get stuck all over the tree cells. In other words, all Superwood products are protected from the inside to the outside. 


When the wood is impregnated, the resin penetrates - and during the profiling the resin is peeled off. This ensures a unique dry board. The wide range from standard to architectural profiles allows you to create a completely unique wooden facade. Superwood unites aesthetics with high durability.

Hand Sorting

All profiles are thoroughly checked and hand-sorted before stamped: "Superwood® - The World's Best Board". The approved boards are now ready for delivery - or for processing at the painting plant.


On our paint plant, paint is brushed and sprayed into the wood. Right onto the different profiles. Medium grinding, paint and finishing surface treatment ensures a consistent and beautiful finish. You can choose Superwood in any color you prefer. Or in untreated nature.

All benefits gathered on one board

Superwood has got the world's best treatment - and a unique protection right into the board's innermost. Superwood is durable, eco-friendly, beautiful and easy to work with. That's what makes Superwood the World's Best Board.

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  • Pinetree


    Quality spruce from selected sawmills in one of the world's best pinetree areas, located in a belt over Norway, Sweden and Finland. Sustainable and FSC Certified.

    Your advantages

    Quality. Environmentally friendly. Beautiful finish.

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  • Impregnation


    Fully impregnated completely into the core of the wood with a patented and environmentally friendly technology. Unique protection against rot and fungus - without heavy metals. Light and dry wooden boards.

    Your advantages

    Durable. Environmentally friendly. Total Economy. Easy handling. Easy machining.

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  • Profiling


    Produktlinje med smukke og praktiske profiler, bl.a. arkitekttegnede. Egen produktion sikrer kvalitet og fleksibilitet – og mulighed for specialprofiler efter ønske.

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    Kvalitet. Økonomi. Fleksibilitet. Flot finish.

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  • Surface


    Overfladen er ru-høvlet og fri for harpiks og snavs. Det giver et smukt udseende med struktur som savet træ og sikrer bedre vedhæftning af maling.

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    Kvalitet. Økonomi. Let vedligehold. Flot finish.

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  • Paint


    Superwood har eget maleanlæg, som sikrer grundig påføring og en flot finish. Svanemærket kvalitetsmaling fra Jotun i alle regnbuens farver – også transparent.

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    Kvalitet. Økonomi. Holdbart. Fleksibelt. Flot finish.

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Stærkt sortiment i udvikling

Superwood fås i et bredt udvalg af profiler. Til facader kan du vælge fra vores standardsortiment – eller blandt vores unikke arkitekttegnede profiler, der løbende udvikles i et innovativt samarbejde med førende, internationale arkitekter.

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En bred vifte af farver

Med Superwood kan du vælge mellem alle farver i Jotuns brede sortiment af kvalitetsmaling. Og den usynlige Superwood imprægnering betyder, at du også kan vælge transparente farver. Vi maler kort sagt efter din bestilling.

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